A downloadable game

Smash through waves of enemy bubbles with a variety of attainable abilities.

Use exciting powerups dropped by enemies to alter time, fire in rapid fashion, and gain the better of your enemies.

Pick up dropped bombs and use them to burts enemy bubbles. What other surprises might you find through the many waves of engaging action?

Install instructions

 Bomber Bubble is written in Java, the game requires Java 7 installed on your computer to be played. You can download it from the Java website.

Please read the README.txt file and understand that the alternate files in the folder containing the application must not be deleted in order for the game to work.

Double click on the icon to play. If a message saying that the game cannot be opened as it is from an unidentified developer, simply right click on it and click open from the options that come up.



Bomber Bubble.zip 48 MB